Terra Han is a virtuoso of Terra and a South Korean inventor that was born on March 30, 1981. She knows in the fields of music, instruments, arts, dance, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, publishing, magazines, fashion, design, technology, science and aesthetics.

Terra Han is an inventor of the Terra music instrument and a creator of the software. She was a genius child and was performing by the age of 6. At the age of 4, she started her training in Western classical music, and Eastern cultural arts, including singing and dancing and, has since performed worldwide.


She was called Laesuk (“Advent of Goodness” or “Goddess”) in South Korea. Han also has the nickname Dan-young. In Latin languages, she adopted the name ‘TeRra’ based on the earth goddess Tellus and merged it with her other titles in the 2000s.


Genius musician Terra Han is holding a B. A and M.A. Seoul National University graduates and studied Asian zither practices at the Tokyo University of the Arts and Central Conservatory of Music in China, including dancing.

Korean Royalty’s music recording:

As the first kayagum soloist, Terra Han recorded Korean all royalty music composition of kayagum solo version. The recording set released separately by Korean Wide Casting FM, Poly Music, consist of 5 full-version episodes.

Yeo Min Lak (King Sejonog’s Citizens of Joy), Chuita, Ut-dodeuri, Mit-dodeuri, Bo Heo Sa, Young San Hue Sang, Kagok, and so on are part of the music set. Genius musician Terra Han learned the music of Korean royalty, all pieces at Seoul National University under Jeongja Kim and Korea’s National Gugak middle and high school.

Terra Han’s Newly Released Inspiration Album:

The popular new album “TeRra’s Music Diaries” produced by inventor and virtuoso Genius musician Terra Han, for the 63rd Grammys Awards 2020. The album was released on Apple Music, Google, Amazon, Spotify and other major online music stores and streaming platforms. It’s the first album in the USA that she made. Indeed, the album is a real work of art and Terra herself wrote, made, and performed it. The latest album by Terra Han includes all types of music, from early ancestor sounds to hip hop even today. She’s made her music compliant with everything.

Terra Han is a Genius musician as she was honoured as a voting member of the Grammy Awards of The Recording Academy in USA 2016, like few traditional East Asian artists because of her intelligence.