5 best way to make money on the internet

best way to make money on the internet

1.- Earn by investing in crypto-currencies

Most likely this is one of the major and best way to make money on the internet from the last millennium, which could completely change the world. Obviously it is a real investment and the level of risk is very high but it could be the opportunity of life that, in my opinion, is not the case to lose. To invest in crypto-currencies you need to open a digital wallet, called a wallet, which allows you to keep in stock, but also buy and sell these securities at any time. I wrote a very detailed article with the strategy I personally use to invest in this world that you can find here: How To Earn with cryptocurrencies.

Capital needed: you-invest only what you are willing to lose

The time required: 10 minutes to open your digital wallet and buy the first crypto-currencies

Average gain: potentially huge. You can turn the small invested capital of at least 200 euros, into an asset of even hundreds of thousands of euros.

Risk: the risk of losing the invested capital is very high, you invest only what you are willing to lose

New crypto opportunity: on what cryptocurrency to invest

2- Earn by selling things you don’t use Online

Surely you will not become a millionaire but an anti-consumerist way to raise some money in your free time is to sell all the items that you do not need or that you no longer use. To do this you can use a site like right away that allows you to place free sales ads for virtually anything, starting from technological objects and up to cars or clothes.  Personally I eliminated many unnecessary things that I had been staying in the house for years and I got enough money to make a nice vacation. Also if you want to see this business from an entrepreneurial point of view you could also sell things that are no longer needed for other people by dividing the proceeds.

Capital required: NO

The time required: 10 minutes to place ads on an instant or other ad platforms

Average earnings: variable, depends on how much and what you sell

Risk: Zero

3. -Sell your creations on Etsy

If you are creative and have an unbridled passion for creating objects of any kind I have to tell you that Etsy is the ideal platform for you. It is an international mega portal where artists and artisans sell their creations online. On Etsy, you can find everything from handmade earrings to Real works of art in limited edition. In my opinion, it is a mandatory site for anyone who creates objects with their own hands, any kind of object. I advise you to take a look at the site to see the huge possibilities that from and to get an idea of what you could sell.

Capital needed: no-Etsy asks for a percentage on the sold

The time required: 30 minutes to register to the site and upload photos of your creations

Average earnings: variable, depends on how much and what you sell

Risk: Zero, if you do not sell you do not pay anything

4.- Earn with affiliations

A completely cost-free method to earn online is thanks to affiliations. It is a world that at first impact may seem very complicated but I assure you that it is much simpler than you think. Earning with affiliations means in a nutshell ” earning by recommending goods or services”. In practice, you will not have to do anything but make an agreement with the sellers that allows you to earn a % on the products you recommend, Of course only on people decide to buy. An example of all is the Amazon affiliate that allows you to earn 3 to 10% of the price of all products on sale. There are practically affiliate agreements on almost all sites that sell goods or services online, you just have to wade well within the site to find them. A successful example is Pat Flynn who with his site Smart Passive Income earns over 100 ‘ 000 euros a month thanks exclusively to affiliations. It is an ideal method if implemented within a blog or a Facebook page / LinkedIn profile with many followers.

Capital required: NO

The time needed: depends on how many goods/services you promote and with what continuity

Average earnings: variable, depends on how much and what you sell and your number of followers

Risk: Zero

5-Earn with YOUTUBE

Youtube changes, here is the announcement related to notifications for everyone … Youtube is the platform with the most potential in the world right now. Not only does it allow you to create a community of loyal and passionate users, but it also allows you to earn in many different ways. There are a lot of Americans who earn 10 / 20 / 30 a thousand dollars a month only thanks to the advertising commissions that appear at the beginning of the video. Not to mention what you can offer/sell to your followers after you have created a good customer base. The nice thing is that you can start with a simple phone and zero capital, but it is important to start with the right foot and if you don’t know where to start I advise you to do it from this course that teaches you how to create and monetize a youtube channel.

Capital required: NO

The time needed: to your liking.

Average earnings: you can earn a mountain of money if you know how to do it, of course, give yourself time and do not expect earnings in a few days

Risk: Zero

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