In 1988, young Peter quill’s mother dies, and in desperation, he runs out to the farm, Where an alien ship appeared at this time. The  aliens take Peter with them, and Yondu, The leader of the pirates in space, raises him. Twenty six years on, Adult Peter is a member of the intergalactic pirate group Reavers, calling himself Star Lord. He goes to the abandoned planet Morag to steal the Sphere and give it to Yond, But a group of Kree Race soldiers, led by Korat, capture him. Qwill was able to escape The Sphere from captivity, but he chose not to give it to Yond, and to find the Sphere’s Customer to sell it himself. Yondu is learning about this, and promising a quill reward.

Choose your Costume Galaxy Guardian

Raccoon Suit of Galaxy Guardians:

Raccoon Rocket is one of the Galaxy Guardian’s Squad members, Groot’s lifetime and Closest friend and companion. Rocket has a sharp sense of smell and vision, fast-tempered. The rocket is very powerful, it can raise more weight than itself, an outstanding shooter with an in depth knowledge of engineering mechanics, runs comfortably on four legs and walks on two legs.

Gamora Costume Guardians of the Galaxy:

Gamora is one of the Galaxy Guardian’s team leaders, a leader of the Zeoberei race, Who has a reputation as the Galaxy’s most dangerous woman? Gamora has superhuman strength and flexibility. The weapon best used by Gamora is knife.

What should we do next? Some good deed? Anything bad? Or-how does that go? Kostyum lord zvezdnogo

Lord Star Costume:

Star Lord-Peter quill-leader of The Galaxy Team Guardians, a former member of the Reavers pirate squad. Qwill is quite hardy, well versed in the art of hand-to-hand combat, a sharpshooter and a fantastic starship pilot. It can breathe in weightlessness with the help of a helmet. It has a gun which shoots concentrated energy.


Guardian of the Galaxy Costumes

Kostyum Straj Galaktiki:

Time spent with the family is the most important. To celebrate Halloween or some other fair party go as a team. By the way, Galaxy Team Guardians costumes are suitable for all members of the family, from young to elderly. You can only determine who gets Star Lord ‘s face and outfit. In the costumes of the heroes of the Guardians of the Galaxy, you will spend time interesting and fun.

Guardian of the Galaxy suits for a couple:

Kostyum Enota Strazhi Galaktiki & Kostyum Gamori:

When you’re spending your free time with your child then why not go to a fair party! Carnival costumes will make you unrecognizable and will help you avoid the everyday hustle and bustle. Traditional carnival costumes would be an excellent combination for a mother-child or sister-brother pair.

Buy Star Lord & Drax Costume:

It is impossible to find the best team standing guard over the world, if you want to be like them, we suggest you concentrate your attention on the costume of the Star Lord.