Costumes can be used to define the actor’s age, the play era, costumes can be used to represent moods and to differentiate professions, costumes are a cultural marker, costumes can tell the weather and time of the play, etc.

History of Women’s Costume

The clothing of women began to change in the 1660s, when a coat / jacket and skirt Combination turned up in women’s riding clothing. You need a Cultural guide here. The clothes are called suits but not costumes. In the middle of the 20th century, a business women’s suit usually consisting of a jacket and trousers, sometimes a dark color, emerged. Wear under it a light shirt, tights and shoes, less often neck jewelry and breast scarves.

History of Men’s Costume

Men’s clothing has been costume for four hundred years, in various variations. It was updated several times but the General canons remained unchanged.

Originally in 17th Century France, a costume similar to the present one emerged. It normally consisted at that time of a wig, a frock coat, a white shirt with a high collar, a frill, a waistcoat, and short knee breeches, white stockings, and shoes.

The costume of a man should include a long coat, waistcoat, neckerchief, and wig, knee breeches with short pants, white stockings, shoes, and hat. It should be noted that the costume is worn by courtiers, aristocrats, intellectuals during the time mentioned and it is a court, official dress.

What is the advantage of a jacket with an edge?

Supermodel winter outerwear models are especially popular among those who have learned to appreciate not only high quality branded products but also European chic ones. Stylish parks, down jackets, wool vests, winter quilted half-coats, natural fur trimmed, look pretty cool.

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The Role of Fashion in Human Life:

Fashion typically refers to clothing but fashion is mainly a lifestyle, not just clothes Capricious. Fashion is constantly trying to create an ideal of beauty that does not really exist, but this model has always been pursued with enviable tenacity from century to century. This contributes to the assumption this fashion is mainly used by society to please others.

With great speed fashion throws its new accomplishments into the faces of people. Today fashion isn’t interested in specifics, however, it’s interested in a person’s face, his general features. At the same time, the picture is not governed by the current fashion mistress and does not control anything. And a person gets a unique opportunity to represent himself today. And this is quite a difficult job, because each person has his

Own image, just his or her own. Even though he has never been interested in such a science as image logy, his appearance makes it quite easy to determine a person’s character, and even his mood.