Top 10 tips how beginner can survive in PUBG mobile?

The only “real” victory, however, is survival. So first of all, you need to survive. How to survive in PUBG Mobile? Find out in this guide!

Remember the rules

Survival tips

First of all learn to control your position

The game allows you to crawl and move in a semi crouch. But do not overdo it, in some places it is better to run quickly than to crawl and open up to enemy fire.

Play as stealthily as possible

If you see the enemy and they don’t see you, you have a huge advantage to play with him as stealthily. Do so that the enemy sees you, you can not in any case.

No noise

If you hear footsteps or see their mark on the map, it means that the enemy is very close and can also hear you. Go into a half-Crouch, start crawling, or just freeze and wait for the enemy to appear.

Be careful in the houses

When you enter the house, immediately close the door behind you and listen while collecting loot in the house. If the door opens, it’s time to sit around the corner. You can leave a part of the loot lying in front of the door then some players will think that there is no one in the house and it will be easier to kill them.

Use the features of the landscape

You can look down on everyone who crawls or runs below. The opposite is also true, when you run under hills, it is easier for the player from above to shoot you. Use the landscape and try to stay higher.

Never ignore backpacks

A backpack is more important than almost any weapon. The backpack will contain more cartridges, first aid kits and upgrades for weapons.

Don’t forget to change your armor

Always change your equipment to one that is higher level and/or less worn. If you are wearing a first-level bulletproof vest, you almost always need to change it.

Try to carry weapons for different distances

There is no need to carry two submachine guns. It is much more correct to carry a shotgun and a rifle, or any other combination of weapons that allow you to shoot enemies from afar.

Don’t linger in the danger zone

If you are very far from the edge of a safe circle, then you need to do everything to get into it. So run, make noise, grab the car and try to make it to the circle before you die. And if you are not very far from the edge of the circle, you do not need to worry. You can quietly get to the safe zone without a car.

Configure management for yourself

Start the management setup in the first game or training and configure everything as it is convenient for you personally. This way you will spend less time on key orientation. Also, don’t forget to switch the control of the car to a virtual joystick, this way it will be much easier to drive.

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