How mobile technology has changed our lives?

When we talk about mobile technologies, we usually mean all kinds of gadgets, applications, processors, batteries, displays. A few decades ago, at the beginning of its development, mobile technologies were not yet very mobile.

Mobile devices have become smaller, more powerful, and more useful. The availability of all kinds of smartphones, tablets, e-readers, now even smart watches contributes to their rapid spread around the world.

After all, what is more important is not “faster-higher-stronger”, but what do we, as users, get from using all this diversity?

Communication and society

Means of almost instant communication allow us to feel much closer to family and friends. We can talk to them at any time, exchange news, and ask for advice or help. And communicate with them using video chat. We can keep in touch with our children even if we can’t be near them.

Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, the rapid growth of social networks observed today has also become possible. Without mobile Internet, smartphones and tablets, we would be completely dependent on desktop computers, as well as on landlines. In the modern world this is even difficult to imagine.

Information and consumer opportunities

We now have more information about the world in our pockets and bags than at any time in history. In fact, for hundreds of millions of people, it has become completely natural to immediately search for information about any activity. They provide the information we might be interested in and provide it to us in a convenient form.

Everyday use of mobile technology has changed the human community. It has made our connections with other people much broader and closer. On the web, we find real friends that we have never met in real life. We can find out and discuss any current issues and events happening around the world.


Mobile technologies may soon begin to actively affect our health. Currently, technologies are being actively developed and tested that, in theory, will allow you to receive medical advice using smartphones and tablets. The Doctor have access to the results of tests of remote patients.

Another of the many medical applications of mobile technology is to help people with disabilities with low or no mobility. With the help of mobile gadgets, millions of such people are able to contact the world. For example, the deaf can now correspond with other people via SMS.


This is just a small part of how mobile technology has transformed, improved, and simplified the lives of billions of people. And this process goes on as the technologies themselves develop. In addition to the obvious advantages, of course, technically all smartphones work all the time, but to use them, you need to do several actions: Pick up, press the power button, unlock the screen, and click the desired icon or notification.

Moreover, the user chooses what information they want to see immediately on the second screen. Often you don’t even need to pick up a smartphone, just look at it.