Play, you cannot walk, what to do with a preschooler in conditions of self-isolation?

Changing your usual lifestyle and being constantly at home is stressful not only for adults, but also for children. So we should think about that how to organize a comfortable space for a child, why it is important to observe the daily routine and what games to play in quarantine.

How to organize the life of a preschool child in conditions of self-isolation at home?

First, pay attention to the organization of space-accessibility: how the furniture is arranged, where the toys are, how much they are in real access for the child. If suddenly a shelf or some equipment is not available for the child, he will not turn to it. He will follow adults around and whine to be played with. In this case, it will never occupy itself.

Second, the child should be able to have privacy. But it is important to think about the fact that the child has a corner in which he can retire and get away from the hustle and bustle.

It is also important for a child to have a place and time for games, where he can decompose in peace: build a Dollhouse, a castle, a hut made of a blanket and sofa pillows.

What can I do with my child at home?

There are a lot of ideas, but since we focus on preschoolers, they are supposed to play according to their age. The game is better than any online applications.

I deliberately do not recommend manuals, video tutorials, or apps. I am sure that every parent, after thinking for a minute, will come up with a lot of ideas. To do this, you do not need to immediately run to buy something. In every house where there is a child, there are paints, paper, salt, flour, beans, a blanket and sofa pillows, and there is time to devote a little to communication, play, inventing, fantasizing.

What can I do?

Everything related to small and large motor skills. For example, you can take a box, fill it with purchased buckwheat, beans, cereals, kinetic sand and mix it. Children are great at this game at any age and get a lot of fun from just picking there, making crafts, building caves etc.

The next thing is imagination. Develop the child’s ability to act in an imaginary situation: build a house together, draw from the spot, invent a story, and make a collage from old magazines and creative crafts.

Reading is an important aspect of children’s life and this is a great opportunity to bring your child a little closer to the book. If your child doesn’t read yet or is restless, try just looking at the pictures and making up stories based on them.

It is very important that the preschooler has cubes. I understand that there may not be any blocks at home, but in the future, I advise you to make sure that the child has access to good building blocks.