How to organize a workplace at home?

We have collected useful tips for those who need to organize a full-fledged workplace at home.

Where can I work?

The main difficulty of working from home is to separate work and life. A specially organized workplace is the first step to a proper work schedule. And it should be for every working family member. The ideal option is to work in your own office. If it is not there, then you will have to convert another space for the office. Where is the best place to organize it?


A balcony is almost a full-fledged room where you can organize a comfortable workplace for one person. There is a good lighting, fresh air and privacy but you have to face some problems like limited space and noise from the street. But they are quite simply solved by buying small-sized furniture and noise-canceling headphones.


In the bedroom, you can retire and not disturb the household. To make the workplace as comfortable as possible, it is important to place the table correctly. It is most convenient to sit sideways to the window and back to the wall, at a distance of about 70-75 centimeters from it.

Living room

Less successful option. Usually used in a one-room apartment or when other rooms are already occupied. It is important that during working hours in the living room were only those household members who need to work. Work in the living room can also be arranged for a couple. Pull the table up to the window, place the laptops at the ends and sit facing each other.


Suitable for working as a last resort. Stationary workplace in the kitchen is quite difficult to organize. But if you live alone or work only with a laptop, then why not?

How to equip the workplace?

Once you have chosen a workplace for yourself, you need to “stake out “it. Imagine that you are in an office. Organize the space around you so that all the necessary things and documents are at hand. Provide sockets or adapters for connecting and charging appliances, stands for papers and stationery.

Important! Explain to your loved ones that this is now your workplace, and you can’t touch or move anything without asking.

A personal light source helps you mentally tune in to your work environment. It shows that this is your workplace, here you come “to work”.

How to plan the working day

Many different books have been written on planning and we are unlikely to come up with anything new here. The main thing is to choose the best option for yourself and follow it. With this approach, you will gradually perform priority tasks.

When working from home, it is also very important to take breaks. Every hour, get up from the table and switch to something else. Not on TV or social networks, but on some kind of physical activity. Sit down, wash the dishes, and at the same time air the room.