In this collection, we have collected ten of the most amazing, ridiculous, funny or wild Batman costumes, whether the defender of Gotham dressed up in the dark, or going to a party. And sometimes the mask was not the same Batman that we know, and then the change in appearance is quite understandable.

Zur EN Arrh

Batman is a superhero without superpowers. He had powerful powers, much like Superman’s. He is not quite mentally stable, and walked the streets of Gotham for a while. Although the style of the suit is not much different from the usual samples, but its red-yellow-purple colors hardly made an impression on the criminals.

Zebra Batman

Batman has always been at the forefront of fashion. But he didn’t put on this Zebra costume himself. The criminal Zebra Man invented a machine that gave him powerful magnetic forces, but made his skin striped. Of course, Batman was later saved and brought to human form.

Knight of Gotham

By itself, the anthology of short-lived anime Batman Gotham Knight was not bad. All the series were drawn by different studios, and the style differs from story to story. The ridiculous mask was too big with huge holes for the eyes, and the collar was made too high.


Batman does not change the cut of the suit, but cannot decide on the color. As a result of some combination of circumstances, the defender of Gotham was forced to divert public attention from his assistant dick Grayson for a while. Batman found nothing better than fighting crime every day of the week in a new color outfit. This color representation ended with a rainbow costume that embodied all the wildest things in comics of that time.

Stan Lee’s Batman

Lee created a new identity Wayne Williams. Williams was framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and now the wrestler wants to get a seat over the hand bandit. To fulfill his plan, Wayne becomes a wrestler named Batman. His costume is almost an anatomical representation of a real bat. It’s funny and creepy at the same time.

Azrael Batman

When Bane broke Batman’s back, he needed a replacement. Not his back, but his role as the arbiter of city justice. This Azrael willingly agreed to do. Probably, the Azbats costume does not fit so well with the image of the Dark knight. It is too colorful, with sharp blades, too many pockets, bandoliers and belts. And the incredible shoulder pads further stretch the already tall figure.

The Batman who laughs

In the series Dark Nights, Metal reveals the existence of alternative universes, where all the Batmen for various reasons went down the dark path and took the path of evil. So one of them killed the Joker, but inhaled his toxin, went mad and became a psychopathic killer named Batman who laughs. The Batman costume that laughs is truly shocking and it’s a stylish combination of black leather, belts and a spiked mask with a trademark Joker grin.